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600 Boswell Hill Road,
Endicott, NY 13760


This contract between  normally residing at

and renting seasonal campsite   for the seasonal rental period of May 1st to September 30th 2021 and here-in-after referred to as the “Seasonal”, and JMK Campground, LLC, doing business as Pine Valley Campground; 600 Boswell Hill Road; Endicott, New York 13760 here-in-after referred to as the “Management” shall contain the basic understanding of the responsibilities of the two parties.

Most of the responsibilities of the Seasonal are described in the general Pine Valley Rules as follows:

TIME RULES:  Quiet time is 10PM until 8AM.  Visitors must leave before 11PM.
TREES and shrubbery shall not be cut, broken or defaced whether dead or alive.  Such damage will be charged for as determined by management, and person(s) committing the damage may be subject to criminal charges.  Gas lanterns shall not be hung from a tree without proper stand-off bracket..
PETS must be confined or kept on leash, not left unattended at camp, not chained to a tree, shall not annoy others, shall not dig holes.  Clean up after your dog and dispose of fecal matter in garbage dumpster..
VISITORS and guests of campers must REGISTER and pay FEE when they first arrive.  An identification will be issued which must be displayed correctly on motor vehicle.  If visitors leave within 15 minutes, fee may be refunded.  They are subject to same rules as the camper.  No visitors will be admitted after 9 PM or if office is closed.
CHILDREN under age 13 must not be left in camp or use the restroom without responsible adult supervision.  Cutting devices shall not be in their possession in order to prevent mutilation to natural and constructed resources.
HEALTH:  No dish washing at faucets, no gray water on the ground and clean up after your pet.  Dispose of garbage and trash in the dumpster.  Tires, batteries, electronics, refrigeration units, LP gas tanks, paint cans, or hazardous materials CAN NOT be disposed of in the dumpster.  Dispose of recyclables in proper receptacles.  Camping units connected to a sewer hookup must use a commercially available sewer gasket or fitting. Sewer adapters that allow flushing of the holding tank by attaching to the water hookup are not allowed.
FIRES only in fireplaces.  
DO NOT MOVE FIREPLACES.  Free standing wood fireplaces are prohibited.  No high fires.  Wood is for sale at office.  Fireplace ashes and debris will be disposed of in area designated by management or by management- not in dumpster.  Fireplaces will not be used as garbage receptacles.  Wood pallets are not allowed for any reason.

VEHICLES must have current Pine Valley identification.  SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH.  No parking on camp roads.  No unlicensed motor vehicles allowed unless approved by management.  No washing of any vehicles, including RVs.  Children's motorized vehicles are prohibited.
ELECTRICITY is metered at the campsite and will be billed on the first of each month and at the end of the camping season. It is payable upon receipt of the bill.
SWIMMING is prohibited.  Kiddie pools are not permitted.
BOATS:  Users must wear life preservers as prescribed by law.  No boats on lake after dark.  You may bring your own boat, but no motors allowed.  Boats must be stored alongside or behind camper, on a non-grassy area, when not in use.
FISHING is free.  No fish, dead or alive, for bait.  No digging or turning over stones or blocks looking for bait.  See management for bait.  No fishing in swimming area.  Grass Carp, if caught, must be released unharmed.
CAMPSITE & GROUNDS:  Only ONE additional tent, no larger than 8' X 8', may be erected on the campsite with the principle camping unit for housing dependent children of the registered camper ONLY.  No rubber or rubber backed ground covers.  Any ground coverings shall be rolled up or removed periodically and when not in use to prevent lawn damage.  No littering on premises.  Campsites are to be kept in a neat and orderly condition without an accumulation of items that detract from the appearance of the campsite.  Clothes lines are prohibited except for towels and bathing suits.  The management reserves the right to remove and dispose of, after notice is made to the camper, those items it deems objectionable.
ALCOHOL:  No kegs.  Loud and boisterous conduct will not be tolerated and will be cause for eviction.
EVICTION:  Registrant is responsible for their guests and visitors obeying these rules.  Any violation deemed serious by the management will be cause for immediate eviction of both camper and visitors.  No refunds will be given.  In case of property damage, including, but not limited to, trees and shrubbery, the management will compute and fix the cost of damage and the camper and /or visitors may be subject to criminal charges.

And the following additional rules for Seasonals as follows:

CREDIT CARDS , if used for electric and/or seasonal payments, will be subject to an additional 3.2% surcharge..
LAWN MAINTENANCE, including trimming, around trailer pads and equipment are the responsibility of the seasonal or will be done by the management at the rate of $50.00/hr- minimum charge - ½ hour.  Lawn mowing is prohibited on SUNDAYS.
METAL STAKES in lawn areas must be prominently flagged.
SEWER CONNECTIONS will be made using a sewer gasket. (available at camp store)
FIREWOOD must be cut to proper length and split BEFORE being brought into camp.
WOOD PALLETS will not be brought into the campground for ANY reason.
A RESTORATION FEE will be paid for pads or ground covers exceeding 8' x 12' @ $2.00/ Sq. Ft. BEFORE installation.      
WINTER COVERINGS on trailers will be removed by May 14th and not put on before September 15th.
SCREEN ROOMS AND TENTS will not be erected on lawn areas without management's approval.
VEHICLES are limited to two per campsite.
A STORAGE SHED is allowed only if it is a resin type horizontal shed no larger than 60"(H) x 79"(W) x 54"(D) and placed behind the camper.
OUTSIDE REFRIGERATOR will not exceed 36"(H) x 26"(W) x 26"(D) in size.
POSTS AND POLES will not be driven, or holes dug for, into the ground without the management’s approval.
GOLF CARTS must have insurance and be operated by a licensed driver.



A $450 deposit is required to hold a seasonal campsite. Deposit is refundable when notice is received by March 15th less the on-site storage charges, if applicable. The remainder of the Seasonal’s payment for the campsite is due on or before May 1st.  In the event that a Seasonal rents a campsite after May 1st, the entire amount is due at the time the campsite is rented. Seasonal rates are listed and described on a separate sheet.

Free on-site seasonal camper winter storage is allowed when next season’s deposit is paid by October 1st and the entire seasonal camping fee is paid for the season by May 1st.  If no deposit is received by October 1st, any stored recreational vehicle and additional items must be removed from the site by October 14th or placed in off-site storage.  Moving charges will apply.


All Seasonal’s are required to pay for their electric based upon the commercial electric rates established by New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (NYSEG) and the Management’s energy provider.  The Management will read the Seasonal’s electric meter on or about the first of every month throughout the camping season and at the end of the camping season. Management will email or deliver the monthly bill to the Seasonal which is due upon receipt.

A $200 electric deposit is required by May 1st or upon arrival if after May 1st, in the form of cash or a credit card authorization for delinquent electric payments until a reliable payment pattern is established.  If two payments are missed, the Management will shut off the Seasonal’s electric and access the electric deposit to secure payment.


The same rates and rules apply to Seasonals as regular campers.  Management provides Seasonal Visitor Passes as follows:

Seasonal Pass Allotment: up to 35/Yr  OR   Pro-rated number based upon the Seasonal Payment

A. There will be a daily pass limit of FOUR (4) visitors.  Additional visitors will be required to pay the visitor fee.
B. Visitors of seasonals are required to stop at the office UPON ENTERING and exchange a pass,
provided the daily pass limit has not been exceeded, OR $4.00 per person and register in exchange for a car identification sticker.  A seasonal may stop at the office and exchange a pass for the $4.00 paid by a guest who stopped and registered upon arrival but didn't have a visitor pass - provided the daily pass limit has not been exceeded.

C. There will be no visitors at the seasonal's site if the seasonal is not present.
D. Seasonals desiring to have overnight guests camping with them in their camping unit will be required to pay the overnight charge.


During the camping season if, for whatever reason, the Seasonal is asked or desires to leave prior to the end of the seasonal rental period, the Management will compute the camping fees for the amount of time the campsite was occupied based upon the  weekly and daily rates or for the total of the seasonal rate, if that amount is less.  The management will issue a refund of the difference, if the computed weekly and daily rates add up to less than the amount that was paid for the Seasonal’s campsite. It is understood and agreed that if the Seasonal is asked to leave, the Seasonal and his/her possessions will no longer have any right to remain on the property even if the seasonal payment has been paid.

NOTE:  A carrying charge will be assessed on all past due accounts at the rate of 1.5% per month. (18% annual percentage rate)

            If any provision of this agreement is held unenforceable, all remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

NOTICE TO SEASONALS:  The management of this campground reserves the right at all times to terminate the tenancy of a camper for reasons the former shall deem objectionable and will not be responsible for damage to motor vehicle/camping unit or any other personal property; nor accidents; nor injuries; fire, theft or loss of valuables in or around motor vehicle/camping unit.
I have read the Seasonal Contract and rules of this park and agree to abide by such. 

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